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10 Most Common Grammar Mistakes of Students

Students (and not only students, for that matter) have always been making mistakes in their writing assignments and will always be making them. That, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get rid of at least some of them in your text. In order to do it sometimes it is enough to know the rules and use them appropriately. But some grammar mistakes are so ubiquitous in works of almost all people that it is easier to memorize the mistake itself and remember not to make it the next time you encounter similar situation. Here are 10 mistakes students make most often. The man which lives in this house is from Italy – when you speak about an animate being you should use who; Fewer and less. The former is used when you speak about countable objects (I have 5 fewer pencils), the latter is used when you speak about uncountable concepts (You have less than a day); Than and then. You would be amazed how many people make this mistake. Than is used in comparisons (He is smarter than most of his friends), then is used in reference to time (He was at home until noon, then he went for a walk); Its and it’s. It is a rather tricky matter. Usually the apostrophe means possession (student’s pencil), but it is also used in short forms of some expressions (don’t, doesn’t). That’s why its and it’s may be confusing. If it is a shortened form of it is, use it’s (it’s snowing), if you need a possessive pronoun, use its (its distinctive features); Irregular verbs. Of course there is not enough space here to enumerate them all, so make sure to learn them by heart. Otherwise you are in for quite a few nasty surprises. Absence of subject/verb agreement. Subjects and verbs should agree in number. It may sound obvious, but many people make this mistake in longer sentences; Nor and or. It is rather simple. Nor is used before the second variant in sentences where neither introduces the first. Or is used before the second variant where either introduces the first (neither he nor I, either he or I); Lie and lay. You lay something. Then something liesall by itself. Wrong or missing verb endings. –s and –es, -d and –ed. It may be easy to miss them because they are often pronounced indistinctly. Whether and if. Contrary to popular belief, these two words aren’t interchangeable. Whether is used when there are two or more alternatives. If is used when there are no alternatives. I don’t know whether to go or not. I can go there if I have any time.

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Online Dating Websites A Potential For Partners And Dangers

Online Dating Websites: A Potential for Partners and Dangers Almost seven billion people reside on Earth, yet many people strive to find â€Å"the one† out of everyone. â€Å"The one† meaning that apparent person to build memories with, grow with, share forever with – yes, that one. However, finding that one special person is as easy as finding a needle in the haystack, or possibly even harder. On top of that, only a small fraction of the world’s population are the ones people actually meet in person, so how could someone find â€Å"the one† faster? With technological advancements, specifically online dating websites, finding and meeting people online is faster and easier than ever; unfortunately, fast and easy does not always mean good. Online dating websites do allow for easy access for multiple people to meet and form relationships all across the world, but that is the exact reason how these sites can lead to potential danger to all its users â⠂¬â€œ not fully knowing the true identity behind a screen is not fully knowing the true intention of that user. While these sites do help in worldwide interaction, a constant use of them can mean less in-person interaction leading to a decrease in social quality. Online dating websites may not be the best method in finding â€Å"the one† or even â€Å"true love† when it, itself, can be untrue towards privacy, identity, and even other relationships. As the engagement in these types of interactions increase, face-to-face interactions decreases leading to lessShow MoreRelatedWhat Does The Newest Research Tell Us About Online Dating?996 Words   |  4 PagesWhat does the newest research tell us about online dating? Why is the industry so powerful? How does it work? What are the real risks and dangers of online dating? The innovation of online dating did not even enter the vocabulary of romance until the end of second millennium, following the fast advances of the technolo gy and the internet. In the last decade, searching for romantic partners via online dating sites has become a visible and common strategy for those looking for companionship. As ofRead MoreVirtual Proximity Is Important For A Serious Romantic Relationship1668 Words   |  7 Pages Second, physical proximity is important for a serious romantic relationship to blossom, because seeing someone is important to know the truth about the potential partner. Proximity can be defined as how close someone is to us physically and how accessible he or she is to us. Dating sites are considered useful because the user can choose the radius and mileage within which he or she would like to find a match. About a dozen smartphone apps enable people to connect anywhere—sports events, shoppingRead MoreFinding Time For A Love Life1368 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst. In today’s society online dating has become an easy, almost effortless solution to this problem. People of all ages, genders, and sexual orientation are taking to the Internet to find what we feel we all deserve; love. Unfortunately, while online dating is more convenient than traditional dating it also comes with its fair share of dangers. Online dating has become an easily accessible way for scam artists to pray on unsuspecting users. When it comes to dating online there are a variety ofRead MoreThe Online Dating Apps And Websites2035 Words   |  9 PagesDating has always involved an emphasis on physical traits and characteristics, and in this regard, online dating is no different. However, virtual dating takes this emphasis to another level. According to DeVrie’s (2010) report, it super-charges the focus on looks more than in-person dating to encourage superficial judgment of others (p. 539). These online dating apps and websites create a situation where it is built around a sole profile picture, which can be edited by the user to enhance his orRead MoreOnline Dating1706 Words   |  7 PagesOnline dating is a which allows individuals, couples and groups to make contact and communicate with each other over the Internet, usually with the objective of developing a personal, romantic, or sexual relationship. Match making occurs over the Internet using computers or cellphones. In order to use an online dating service, people start by creating a profile with basic information about themselves such as gender, age, location, and interests, and at least one photo. Most online dating servicesRead MorePornographic Videos On Today s Society1605 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationships. Pornography is not the only culprit in this situation; we internalize the messages given to us by media as well as pornography (Simon and Gagon 2003). By internalizing these messages, we distort how we view ourselves and how we view our partner and we then strive to fit the mold given to us by the media. One of the most explicit representations in pornography is the representation of teenage girls. Pornography depicts teen girls as sexually naà ¯ve, powerless, and in a more attractive lightRead MoreModern Romance, By Aziz Ansari1981 Words   |  8 Pagesproject. This is because of its relationship to new media, which relates to the course, and dating, which relates to all of society. The book applies to the course in several ways; first, the overall theme of the book relates to people in younger generations becoming more and more reliant on social media and dating websites to try and find love. Ansari delves deep into different aspects of media used in dating, as well as putting in serious research on social sciences to to analyze the cultural impactRead MoreEssay about The Pros and Cons of Internet Pornography1174 Words   |  5 PagesDating back all the way to the 1980’s, before the internet, pornography was still a very popular and readily accessible phenomenon sweeping the nation. Many groups have tried to shut down the whole institution for the stigma it has of being very distasteful and obscene. These groups, including feminists, religious groups, and even the Reagan administration, for years, have been working toward legislation to outlaw pornography.(Suderman) What they don’t realize is that they are actually trying toRead MoreHave You Eve r Run Into Someone Who Believes In A Silly1771 Words   |  8 Pagessilly dating myth? Do you yourself have a few misconceptions of the online dating world? Maybe you want to set the record straight, or maybe you re just interested to know what most people believe of online dating? Sit back and relax as we uncover the three most popular online dating myths, and stop them in their tracks! Online Dating Myth #1: People Who Use The Internet To Date Are Losers Who Can t Get a Real Date This is one of the most common and disgusting myths about online dating. HowRead MoreEssay on Pros and Cons of Social Media875 Words   |  4 Pagesusing it. Many people devote social media considering of its vast connectivity that anyone can access for free. That’s exactly what a variety of people all over the world want. Facebook is the most detectable in the middle of numerous social media websites. Not only can users leave comments on other peoples’ posts but by doing so, communication can be accomplished. The second perk is that it is absolutely satisfying in long distance relationships. The survey from the Telegraph, told that social networks

Yahoo CEO Free Essays

Daniel Loeb, a New York hedge fund manager and who owns a 5. Per cent stake In Yahoo, came out In open to share his view against the company and Scott Thompson. However, Dan Lyons at The Dally Beast supported Thompson. We will write a custom essay sample on Yahoo CEO or any similar topic only for you Order Now Yahoo was quick to call the mistake an â€Å"inadvertent errÐ’Â « but after increasing pressure the board hired an outside counsel for the investigation (Epitome J, 2012). Thompson, later on sent a memo to the employees apologizing for the scandal (Goldman D, Epitome J, 2012) Was it appropriate for a giant like Yahoo to call the mistake an â€Å"inadvertent error†? I believe No. If you produce a zero error on your balance sheets, and In the internet services you provide o your customers then this reasoning would simply be a blunder. COOS actions were ethically irresponsible because he was breaching the trust of board of directors who had hired him, in this case, without verifying his credentials on resume. Also, socially irresponsible because there are investors, people who trust CEO and any such incident on his part does send a bad signal to them. There are two things to debate upon – Should Yahoo have fired Scott Thompson the moment they found out that he lied on his resume? Was It ethical on the part of Scott Thompson, considering the session he was In, to falsely claim the degree he never received? I would particularly like to be aggressive on each of the two questions. Yes, Yahoo should have immediately fired Scott Thompson the moment the allegations were verified. In doing so, the company would have set good example of holding good morals. The CEO is the top most level in any corporate the employees look up to, in terms of role model and as a leader. Any allegations on him could set a bad tone down the ladder In the company. Falling to fire him could have sent a bad signal at the lower order of getting way with the things and who knows many more such cases might show up in the near future. According to the consequentiality model, the only thing that matters is the consequence of your act. The act, whether right or wrong, decides the fate of the person and of the other people who should also bear the consequences (Moldavia, M). The consequentiality model in this case did not apply to the Coo’s actions. The outburst of his lie cost him his Job and also put the reputation of Yahoo at stake, however on some level It could be argued that he was trying to Improve the existing condition of Yahoo, but not for too long. Also, that did not prove positive to any of the person in the company considering his short tenure. The share prices collapsed and the company was In the limelight for the wrong reason. Also, it is not ethical on the part of any CEO to make false claims in his resume. Had Scott rectified his resume and removed the Computer Science degree from It, exactly the same way have been much different now for Yahoo. Scott, during his short tenure at Yahoo took some crucial steps of laying off 14% of the employees (Lied, M, 2012) in an effort to improve the financial condition of the company. Had he been there for a longer period, he might have raised the company’s financial position and the situation would have been completely different. However, his small act of not removing the false claim from his resume proved too costly for him and in turn for Yahoo. Communitarian’s theory of moral reasoning also has no application with Scott Thompson. The theory states to be true to your contracts, whether implicit or explicit, in which you willfully enter (Moldavia, M). However, in this case Scott Thompson signs in the annual report right below the line that says â€Å"This report does not contain NY untrue statement of a material fact. † (Epitome J, 2012, Pl 73) This is complete contradiction to the theory of Communitarian’s. Another thing to notice is that Scott Thompson did not feel to resign from his position. Instead he sent an apology memo to all the employees (Goldman D, Epitome J, 2012). Who knows, Yahoo might have not even accepted his resignation, owing to his future productive plans, similar to the case of Bausch Lomb CEO Ronald Carmella, who placed his resignation, on account of false degree claims in his resume, to the board only to be later rejected and then e served another six years before retiring in 2008. How to cite Yahoo CEO, Papers

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Winnebago Tribe Of Nebraska Essays - , Term Papers

Winnebago Tribe Of Nebraska At the time of first contact with Europeans in 1634, the Winnebago tribe inhabited Red Banks, the South Shore of what is now Green Bay, Wisconsin (Radin 1990). Although it appears that the tribe migrated into the area during the second of four Siouan migrations from the East, the tribe has no migration stories. The Winnebago tribe asserts that their people originated at Green Bay. All other locations mentioned within the tribes creation stories are also located in modern day Wisconsin. The tribe is thought to have migrated to the area along with the Iowa, Oto, and Missouri tribes. Sometime after the 16th century, they were isolated from other Siouan groups and formed their own distinct way of life. As is common throughout Native American history, the name given to the Winnebago by Europeans is the name used through another tribe of people when referring to them. Winnebago is not what the tribe initially called themselves, but what their neighbors, the Algonquin peoples and the tribes geographical neighbors, called them. Many similarities exist between the two groups as a result of their close proximity. Prior to contact, the Winnebagos called themselves Hotcangara, which has been interpreted to mean big fish people by tribal observers. The Winnebago tribe, and their geographical area are associated with numerous effigy earth mounds. During anthropologists first attempts to interpret the mounds in the 19th century, the earthen mounds were thought to be antiquarian. After speaking with tribal members, however, researchers found that many of the tribal elders remembered when some of the mounds were erected. The mounds themselves were built as an effigy to the particular clans animal, and it appears that the mounds were essentially property markers that were erected near clan habitations and plantations. Similar effigies are also seen in porcupine quillwork, on war bundles, and on woven bags still used by the tribe today. The Winnebago speak a Siouan dialect called Chiwere (Sultzman). With the exception of the Dakota Sioux who were originally located at the western edge of Lake Superior, the Winnebago were the only Siouan speaking tribe of the Great Lakes. Their language is nearly identical to that of the Iowa, Oto, and Missouri. These tribes acknowledge that they separated from the Winnebago not long before the tribes first contact with Europeans. Despite the fact that the Siouan language family is named after the Sioux tribes, Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota, the Winnebago are probably a more important branch of that particular language family. This is because it is closer in relation to the Dhegiha dialect of the Osage, Quapaw, Omaha, Kansa, and Ponca, many of whom refer to the Winnebago as grandfathers or elder brothers. Prior to contact, the Winnebago resembled the Algonquin in many ways. They fished using dugout canoes, and hunted buffalo from the prairies of southern Wisconsin. The Winnebago also gathered a form of wild rice from the nearby lakes during the fall. The tribe supplemented their hunting and gathering with horticultural crops. In fact, the Winnebago were one of the northernmost horticultural groups in North America. Despite the limited growing season at Red Banks, the Winnebago managed to grow three types of corn in addition to beans, squash, and tobacco. The tribal members used pottery for cooking and food storage, and copper implements created using resources from the south shore of Lake Superior. The Winnebago also resembled the Algonquin in that they were patrilineal with respect to descent and clan membership (Sultzman). This means that clan membership is determined through the father. Clan membership is important because the twelve Winnebago clans served both ceremonial and social functions. In Winnebago society, the clans were grouped into two major moieties, an Upper Sky group with four clans, and a Lower Earth group consisting of eight other clans. Clan membership was also extremely important among the Winnebago tribe for political reasons. The Winnebagos Chiefs governed the tribe with the aid of a Tribal Council composed of a principal member of each individual clan. Traditionally, the Thunderbird and Bear clans were the most important groups in Winnebago society because the hereditary Chiefs of the tribe were always chosen from the Thunderbird (Upper) and Bear (Lower) clans (Radin 1945). The Upper

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Definition and Examples of Infinitive Phrases

Definition and Examples of Infinitive Phrases Definition In English grammar, an infinitive phrase is a  verbal construction made up of the particle to and the base form of a verb, with or without modifiers, complements, and objects. Also called an  infinitival phrase and a to-infinitive phrase. An infinitive phrase can function as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb, and it can appear in various places in a sentence. Examples and Observations The only way to never fail is to never attempt anything.â€Å"To laugh  is  to live profoundly.†(Milan Kundera,  The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, 1979)The specific images presented on film are often hard to remember in the same way that dreams are hard to remember.(J. F. Pagel, The Limits of Dream. Academic Press, 2008)[N]ot everyone has the same ability to remember dreams.(Peretz Lavie, The Enchanted World of Sleep. Yale University Press, 1996)In the course of my life I have often had to eat my words, and I must confess that I have always found it a wholesome diet.(Winston Churchill, quoted in Churchill by Himself by Richard Langworth. PublicAffairs, 2008)Im Luke Skywalker. Im here to rescue you.(Mark Hamill as Luke in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, 1977)Jane and Frank had driven cross-country to rescue you from the paint-peeling orphanage in Lovelock.(Charles Stross, Rule 34. Ace, 2011)Im honored to be the first woman to have the opportunity to command the shutt le.(U.S. Air Force Colonel Eileen Collins, July 1999) I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I had come to die, discover that I had not lived.(Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854)Yes, yes, the past gets in the way; it trips us up, bogs us down; it complicates, makes difficult. But to ignore this is folly, because, above all, what history teaches us is to avoid illusion and make-believe, to lay aside dreams, moonshine, cure-alls, wonder-workings, pie-in-the skyto be realistic.(Graham Swift, Waterland. Poseidon Press, 1983) Infinitives With Delayed Subjects There is a relationship between it and the infinitive phrase in the sentence It took so long to get there? One role that an infinitive can fill is that of the delayed subject. Sentences with delayed subjects always begin with the dummy it, a dummy element that takes the place of some word(s) in a sentence. . . . In the callers sentence, the dummy it fills the place of the subject to get there. The true subject, the infinitive phrase, is delayed till the end of the sentence. To verify that this is truly a delayed subject, replace the dummy it with the infinitive phrase. To get there took so long. The infinitive phrase moves easily from its place at the end as a delayed subject to the front of the sentence where it becomes a normal subject.(Michael Strumpf and Auriel Douglas, The Grammar Bible. Owl Book, 2004) Infinitives With For [A] variant of the infinitive phrase begins with for and is often followed by a personal noun or pronoun. Examples for these are: [INFINITIVES WITH FOR] Physicians are generally eligible for independent licensure to practice primary care specialities at this point. Federal officials said they leave time for parents to make arrangements for their children, and refer them to a social service agency if necessary. I said all right; then the thing for us to do was to go for the magicians. In general speech and writing, we tend to shorten infinitives to the particle plus verb base for general reference. a. [INFINITIVE PHRASE] I said, all right; then the thing for us to do was to go for the magicians. b. [HI/INFINITIVE PHRASE REDUCED] I said, all right; then the thing . . . to do was to go for the magicians. However, if the reference is specific to a person, thing or topic, it is necessary to include it. a. [SPECIFIC NOUN INFINITIVE PHRASE/HI]​​ It was no new thing for David to play the sunset. By the end of a fortnight David had brought his fathers violin for Joe to practice on. Whichever way it was, there was always sure to be something waiting at the end for him and his violin to discover. Because the reference is made specifically to David, Joe, and him and his violin, the infinitive phrase cannot be shortened without losing part of the meaning of the sentence. (Bernard ODwyer, Modern English Structures: Form, Function, And Position, 2nd ed. Broadview, 2006)

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The El Nino Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction

The El Nino Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Often blamed for any and all out-of-the ordinary weather, El Nià ±o is a naturally occurring climate event  and the warm phase of the El Nià ±o-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) during which sea surface temperatures in the eastern and equatorial Pacific Ocean are warmer than average. How much warmer? An increase of 0.5 C or more in average sea surface temperatures lasting 3 months in a row, suggest the onset of an El Nià ±o episode.   Meaning of the Name El Nià ±o means the boy, or male child, in Spanish and refers to Jesus, the Christ Child. It comes from South American sailors, who in the 1600s, observed the warming conditions off the Peruvian coast at Christmastime and named them after the Christ Child. El Nio Happens El Nià ±o conditions are caused by a weakening of the trade winds. Under normal circumstances, the trades drive surface waters towards the west; but when these die down, they allow the warmer waters of the western Pacific to seep eastward toward the Americas. Frequency, Length, and Strength of Episodes A major El Nià ±o event generally occurs every 3 to 7 years, and lasts for up to several months at a time. If El Nià ±o conditions will appear, these should begin to form sometime in the late summer, between June and August. Once they arrive, conditions typically reach peak strength from December to April, then subside from May to July of the following year. Events are categorized as either neutral, weak, moderate, or strong. The strongest El Nià ±o episodes occurred in 1997-1998 and 2015-2016. To date, the 1990-1995 episode is the longest-lasting on record. What El NioMeans For Your Weather Weve mentioned that El Nià ±o  is an ocean-atmosphere climate event, but how do warmer-than-average waters in the far-off tropical Pacific Ocean affect weather? Well, these warmer waters warm up the atmosphere above it. This leads to more rising air and convection.  This excess heating intensifies the Hadley circulation, which in turn, disrupts circulation patterns around the globe, including things like the position of the jet stream.   In this way, El Nià ±o  triggers a departure from our normal weather and rainfall patterns  including: Wetter-than-normal conditions along coastal Ecuador, northwestern Peru, southern Brazil, central Argentina, and equatorial eastern Africa (during the months of December, January, February); and over the inter-mountainous U.S. and central Chile (June, July, August). Drier-than-normal conditions over northern South America, Central America, and southern Africa (December, January, February); and over eastern Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines (June, July, August). Warmer-than-normal conditions in southeast Asia, southeast Africa, Japan, southern Alaska, and west/central Canada, SE Brazil, and SE Australia (December, January, February); and along South Americas west coast, and again SE Brazil (June, July, August). Cooler-than-normal conditions along the U.S. Gulf coast (December, January, February). Current El NioForecast As of Fall 2016, El Nià ±o is has weakened and ended and a La Nià ±a Watch  is now in effect. (This simply means that the ocean-atmosphere conditions look favorable for La Nià ±a to develop.)   To learn more about La Nià ±a (cooling of the ocean surface in the central and eastern tropical Pacific) read What is La Nià ±a.

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Brotherhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Brotherhood - Essay Example The brotherhood love makes people to share and support each other in times of joy, pain and sorrow. Brothers trust and rely on each other, allowing one to be prepared for all circumstances that might arise. A brother will not permit another to venture into the world or face a challenge when not well prepared. Men offer to join brotherhood groups so that they can improve and help each other. Joining a new country which has a new culture and language was meant to be a major challenge. Adapting to the lifestyle, meals, culture as well as communicating using a new language would prove to be a challenge. This made it necessary to form and join a group of people who face the same challenge. Since Blue Ridge school is a boy’s boarding school, all group members were of same gender. This proved to be a challenge at first but it had its own advantages. Group members could share freely and openly and others would understand and intervene without discrimination. Being a new member of a boy’s boarding school, it was through the intervention of others that adapting and settling to the school routine was made easier. Communication barriers were well bridged by the group members who better understood English. The older members assisted new members in settling in including teaching the new members how to tie a neck tie, which was quite a new experience. It was after spending some time in the institution that the interaction with other students led to meeting with other Korean students. Sharing the same background improved the relationship between these twenty Korean students leading to organized interaction sessions during the school hours reserved for sporting activities. Sharing Korean meals, getting involved in similar activities and studying together made the bond between the group members to be stronger every passing day. Through the intervention of the brotherhood group, I was able to